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IMPORTANT NOTE: This software is copyright by WiNRADiO Communications. Certain innovative aspects of this software may be also protected by pending US and international patent applications. Reverse engineering or copying WiNRADiO software features for commercial purposes is prohibited by relevant US and international legislation.

What's new in version 1.45:

 Improved support for G3xDDC series receivers
 New variables (Bandwidth, AudioFilter)
 New commands (AudioFilter)
 Mode variables changed
 Installation script modified
 Various internal improvements and optimizations
 Help updated

Version Date Released File Size Location
1.45 Janury 14, 2012 1,093,632   Download!


What was new in previous version 1.44:

 Support for G3 series receivers
 Files can be read/write now (not either read or write as before)
 You can access COM ports and set their parameters
 You can run an executable from a script
 You can open any document (DOC, HTM, TXT, WAV, MP3, etc.) in its default viewer/player
 New demodulation modes are added
 Signal strength reading is now also in dBm units
 IF Gain setting (in dB with G31x receivers)
 Preamp setting (with G3X5 receivers)
 AGC setting for G3 receivers

Version Date Released File Size Location
1.44 August 06, 2008 938,107   Download!

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